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Eastern Asian Cooking
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Recipes from Asia
Asian Cooking is Love

This is a closed community for my Asian cooking recipes. I travel to Asia often and love to cook a lot of cuisine that I experience. I love sharing my recipes, so this is my little community!

About this Community

*I love to get comments. If you've tried the recipe and love, hate it, have modifications, etc.

*I ask that all comments to me and others are polite and mature.

*If anyone would like to share/post a recipe, please contact the mod with this application:

*I do a Word of the Day post every now and again in either Chinese, Japanese or Hindi as I study all three! If one is interested in Asian cooking, I believe culture and language are intrinsic to a nation's cuisine, thus this section was born!

Level of Difficulty Ratings

I like to let my readers know how hard a dish is make, so I've developed my own little rating system.

Easy: a yellow "Easy" rating means that no experience in necessary and that anyone should be able to make it! Easy Peasy!

Some Experience: an orange "Some Experience" just means that one or two things might be difficult, but pretty much anyone can make this easily.

Difficult: a red "difficult" indicates that experience is ideal. But I don't discourage anyone from trying a difficult recipe. That's how we learn.

Don't Try This at Home: the blue rating will hopefully not be used too often, but it is for things that I have a really hard time with and don't recommend unless there is someone who really knows how to cook it around.

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