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Field Song Jelly Powder
 mochi_is_love - (art_historian)
02:46pm 27/09/2008
Level of Difficulty: Easy

For those of you who like jell-o, but perhaps are tired of USA flavors or the use of gelatin, I have a recommendation. Field Song Jelly powder can be found your local Asian Market place. It's very easy and is made of seaweed abstracted, sugar, powder and perfumery. I bought Jasmine and Green Tea and I highly recommend them!

You can order this jell-o here, as well:

- Flavored Field Song Jelly Powder
- 2.5 cups water (600 c.c.)

- Boil 2.5 cups water in a pot.
- Add Field Song Jelly Powder.
- Stir until all powder dissolves and mixture boils.
- Pour into desired containers and place in refrigerator until jelly.
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03:20am 25/10/2008 (UTC)
Oh, so that's what is is! Thank you. I bought this recently, but all the instructions were in Chinese and I couldn't make it. I hope it's the same thing- what I bought is called 'Refreshing Black Jelly,'- but it looks very similar. Now I can make it.

By the way, a concern- I've had it for a while, will it go bad in it's powder form, do you think?
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10:48am 25/10/2008 (UTC)
I'm so glad I could help! No, I don't think it will go bad. I had mine for over a year before I made it! :o
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05:49pm 25/10/2008 (UTC)
Oh, good. I've only had mine for half a year! Thanks again!
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