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Butter Tea
 mochi_is_love - (art_historian)
04:14pm 06/08/2008
Level of Difficulty: Easy

Hey all! This is my first recipe for you since returning home from !ncredible India! I spent a fair amount of time in the North of India in a city that gets shut off from the rest of world for many months due to snowfall. Thus, the people who live there farm during the summer and gather enough food to last them through these harsh months. They also drink butter tea to give their bodies some fat for the winter. Butter tea was one of the more interesting things that I tastes while in India. If you like butter and need to gain a little weight, you might like this.

Butter Tea

- 1 cup Water
- 1 packet plain Black tea
- 1 pad or 1 tbsp Cow's milk butter

- Boil water
- Add butter pad
- Add tea bag let steep for three minutes
- And there you have it. Just as it's called: Butter tea. I would advise drinking this with cookies or biscuits.
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